Fundamental research

With experienced and well-educated engineers, we perform tasks that are crucial for decision making of our customers. These are not directly related to the development process, but more like a feasibility study.



A good specification is essential for a good project. To be certain that the final solution fulfils all the customer’s needs and requirements, we offer to assist in defining and creating the specification for both hardware and software development.


Hardware design and development

This includes and starts with a complete system design. We offer not only schematic and printed circuit board layout design, but prototype manufacturing and testing as well, according to the specifications. We can prepare our boards to fulfil all requirement of mass production and manage it with our manufacturing service partner, or hand over all required documents.


Software design and development

We have several years’ experience in microprocessor software development including STM, Atmel and TI processors, and we get used to others quickly. We provide complete solution for development, testing and debugging according to the specifications.

We have the capability to develop PC and Android applications mainly in Java or C#.


Consultancy, re-engineering, reverse engineering

With our professional knowledge, we offer our customers to consult with their existing electronic or software solutions, we provide reverse and re-engineering services to make modifications, improvements and enhance the product functionality.