Main development directions


Our industrial quality electronics made for the world market, is the novelty of the year 2016. This device is intended mainly for software companies and enthusiastic hobbyists. We would like to support their work with sophisticated solutions already proven in our other devices.


Electric vehicles

We have created a full electronic portfolio for the hungarian electric car developments, therefore Xtalin Ltd is the number one help to support vehicle developers and integrators. Our main occupational areas are battery electronics and safety systems.


Industrial electronics

On the basis of our former industrial and agricultural projects and the latest trends we have developed a universal control device, which is able to accomplish the vast majority of measurement and control tasks with only small modifications.

The team

Gergely LÁGLER

Owner, CEO, Electronics engineer MSc

Management, electronics system architecture design, writing of an electronics book, revision of chapters

Szabolcs VERÉB

CTO, Electronics Engineer

Electronics design, writing of an electronics book, revision of chapters


Co-owner, Electronics engineer MSc

Project-support, writing of an electronics book


Electronics Engineer BSc

Embedded software and hardware development


Mechatronics Engineer BSc

Embedded software and hardware development


Electronics Engineer BSc

Embedded software and hardware development

Csaba APRÓ

Electronics engineering student

Electronics development

BSc Thesis: modular control electronics

We are waiting for You!

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If you feel like trying it out yourself in our team in Budapest and we could exploit your expertise, feel free to contact us! Write us an email to Please send us your CV with a photo and a cover letter too!

Live technological demonstration

Live technological demonstration

The “Internet of things (IoT)” is a frequently used technological buzzword of the last years. We do not only speak about it, but realize it for You!

We have created this page to give you a little preview with real time demonstration to show you what we are able to do with IoT.

We wanted to create a spectacular measurement while composing the layout, therefore we have chosen physical parameters to measure with susceptible correlation between them. While looking at the graph below we can find correlation between the built-in gprs (mobile internet) modules field strength values, and outside temperaturevalues, because these are weather-dependent.

Additionally the signal of our light sensor -a photodiode in this case- gives also useful information. Our reliable industrial electronics calculates the desired data, then sends it to a leading international cloud storage server with WiFi or mobile internet. We store the calculated results in a safe database, then make it available for our customers.

On the graph below you can see the series of data from our first test operation. Our XUCU device forwards the different calculated data by mobile internet to the server, which stores them in a database. In our current example the signals change slowly, therefore measuring 1-1 data per minute is enough, which minimalizes the cost of communication. The data can originate from a single measurement, the average of measurements, or from sensor-fusion.

Helpful tip: By clicking on the colored icons in the legend below the graph you can turn on / off the display of the associated data sets.
Helpful tip: If you point the cursor onto the graph area, you can use the scroll of the mouse to zoom in, and also to reduce the displayed time period.
Helpful tip: A variety of sensors (even CAN -bus) can be used with the device, individual needs are not an obstacle.

1.You can read the explanation of the graph's signals by clicking here

Light intensity:
We digitalize the signal of an analog light sensor (photodiode).
During the first test operation, the device was placed at a location where the measurements could often be disturbed by garden lights, therefore we relocated it to a flat roof. This way from the measured signal we could draw conclusions about the cloudiness of the sky during the day.

We also digitalize the signal of an analog temperature sensor, which measures the outside air temperature.

GPRS signal quality:
Quality of the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) communication signal. (This feature is similar to the signal strength attribute displayed by mobile phones.)

GPRS position usability index:
The device can determine in which cell of the mobile network it resides, so it provides an approximate position even in the absence of GPS reception. In our example due to experimental purposes the device is stationary, the exact position is known. At all of the measurements we calculate the distance between the computed and the actual position.
We have defined: „the position, we have detected with the help of the GPRS signal is perfectly useable, if the error is less than 1000 meters”. In this case the graph takes the value “1”. If the error is greater than 1000 meters, then the method of calculation : index=1000/error.

You can read the other device visible on the pictures – with the Ratherboard label – below, at the description of our Indiegogo project.

Our references

1.2017's references

 • 2017 AEROMETAL Ltd. – Prototype electronics
 • 2017 Mechatromotive Ltd. – Greenfox Academy – Technical consultancy (Embedded programming)
 • 2017 Lap Timer Ltd. – Technical consultancy (Embedded programming)
 • 2017 Verdom Ltd. – Technical consultancy for PCB manufacturing

2.Please click here to view our references from previous years
1.2016's references

 • 2016 LoxTrade Ltd. – Unique bluetooth-phone electronics
 • 2016 Sanatmetal Ltd. – Technical consultancy
 • 2016 JavKar Ltd. – Technical consultancy

2.2015's references

 • 2015 Mechatromotive Ltd. – Printed circuit board design
 • 2015 GTSA Infotech Ltd. – Development of a special purpose datalogger hardware
 • 2015 JavKar Ltd. – Devolopment of a general purpuse control electronics
 • 2015 PannonPorto Ltd. – Special purpose accumulator management system (AMS_4S)
 • 2015 Antro Ltd. – Lithium accumulator, special purpose accumulator management system (AMS_4S)
 • 2015 Auditker Ltd. – Valve control electronics
 • 2015 LoxTrade Ltd. – Printed circuit board for control purposes

3.2014's references

 • 2014 APNB Ltd. – Presentation and demonstration regarding electric vehicles
 • 2014 Auditker Ltd. – Display unit for agricultural machinery
 • 2014 Pannon Development Foundation – Development of an accumulator management system (AMS) of a single-seater electric racecar
 • 2014 Pannon Development Foundation – Safety equipment and electronics of an electric vehicle
 • 2014 10Charge Ltd. – Technical consultancy about the design of a charging equipment
 • 2014 10Charge Ltd. – Printed circuit boards of a charging equipment
 • 2014 10Charge Ltd. – Development of a control unit of a charging equipment

4.2013's references

 • 2013 Auditker Ltd. – Development of electric control device for agricultural machinery
 • 2013 M55-BIKE Hungary Ltd. – Technical consultancy regarding e-bike drive systems
 • 2013 i-Sport Hungary Ltd. – Technical consultancy; system review of fencing scoring equipment
 • 2013 Auditker Ltd. – Electronics accessories for agricultural machinery
 • 2013 Formula Student Hungary, X-Meditor Ltd. – renting own developed energy metering devices
 • 2013 Formula Student Czech Republic, s.r.o. – renting own developed energy metering devices
 • 2013 ALTmob Ltd. – Technical consultancy regarding energy metering of electric vehicles
 • 2013 Busa bt. – Development of accessories for agricultural precision GPS system

5.2012's references

 • 2012 Busa bt. – Design of agricultural precision GPS system
 • 2012 Formula Student Hungary, X-Meditor Ltd. – Electronics for electric car testing
 • 2012 Busa bt. – Fertilizer dispenser electronics design
 • 2012 Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME Egyetemközi Távközlési és Informatikai Kooperációs Kutatási Központ) – Implementation of a power supply prototype
 • 2012 Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME Gépjárművek Tanszék) – Implementation of parts of an electric racecar

6.2011's references

 • 2011 BME Formula Racing Team – Technical consultancy , implementation of parts of an electric racecar
 • 2011 U1 Research Nonprofit Ltd – NDA


The Xtalin Kft. has been founded in marc of 2010. The main profiles of the company are electrical engineering designing and consulting.


Full-coverage of competence areas
Organizational development to meet the needs of our customers


Process standardisation
Application of design guidelines and modular design


Budapest office
2014 – we have opened,
2015 – we have inhabited the space hosting the coming projects


Technological developments
The year of purchasing new instruments and a professional PCB design software


Formation of main course lines
First prototypes of electric vehicle- and industrial electonics





Future Enterpreneur of the Year Award
Xtalin Engineering Ltd’s estabilishment



office: Vahot u. 6, Budapest, H-1119, Hungary